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    REVIEW: Svyatoslav Maltsev - Cold Sculpture out on ITWT / Black Hole recordings

    1. Original Mix
    2. Frozen Mix

    Svyatoslav Maltsev drops his debut single “Cold Sculpture” on the In Trance We Trust imprint.

    As his biography states, Svyatoslav Maltsev represents of a new generation of trance and progressive artists in Ukraine. He started producing in 2008 and nowadays it is possible to hear Svyatoslav’s music on radio shows, events and of course the dancefloors around the world. His first single “Wait Until The End” was signed in 2010 on Vendace Recordings and immediately received the support of Armin van Buuren, selected as a “Tune of The Week” in ASOT, episode 497. The single also featured a great remix from Paul Vinitsky. Many of other singles were played by Richard Durand, Arnej, Dash Berlin, Ernesto vs. Bastian, W&W, Ashley Wallbridge, Andy Duguid, Björn Akesson, Jorn van Deynhoven, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Dave Pearce at BBC Radio 1 and Gavyn Mytchel at Ministry of Sound Radio. As a producer, it is Svyatoslav’s goal to create beautiful, melodic and emotional electronic dance music.

    With his debut “Cold Sculpture” for the In Trance We Trust imprint, Svyatoslav continues his previous successes with another massive trance production. The arrangement features a more or less dramatic chord progression and reveals classical influences in the use of synths and strings; the break in itself already is true beauty of a touching piano composing. The Frozen Mix comes with harder and straight forward beats, suitable for large outdoor sets. A hit.
    Dimitri Kechagias review: In Trance We Trust invest on new talents and one of them is the brilliant upcoming and soon well known all over the world Svyatoslav Maltsev with his magnificent trance anthem Cold Sculpture. The talented Ukranian artist provides two different versions that  will satisfy wide variety of trance fanatics. The original mix is a great mixture of balearic progressive trance with tech/big room trance elements making it very suitable for heavy play on the peak time moment of your dj set. The dancefloor will definitely react very well on the energetic pumping beats, driving full on basslines and the heavenly style female vocal parts that take us on board for a magnificent trance journey. The breakdown will touch the audience very deep with the high class piano melodic theme that brings that winter  melancholy in our hearts. After a short moment of silence the big epic synths come to the surface to offer the excitement we all need to warm us really well. The final part is very driving, tripping and mesmerising  without getting over the top. It is very balanced production with clear goal in the mind of its composer. Frozen mix is moving on the balearic tribal  progressive trance category with tribal bouncy pumping beats and layers of great melodies coming and going leading the track to the first breakdown that the romantic melody is introduced and is quite different from the original. The beat very quickly comes in and the track continues on the same driving pattern without excessive synthy use. It rather keeps a very simple and old school sound that sounds really pure and can be seen as an attempt to return to the classic trance tracks. Quality always wins. Love IT!
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    Item Reviewed: REVIEW: Svyatoslav Maltsev - Cold Sculpture out on ITWT / Black Hole recordings Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Flux BPM Administrator
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