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    REVIEW: Ali Wilson & Vicky Devine - Devil’s Wine out on Black Hole recordings

    1-Devil's Wine(Original mix)

    1. Original Mix

    Ali Wilson and Vicky Devine present their new single “Devil’s Wine” on the Black Hole imprint.

    Ali Wilson, known to friends and family as Alistair Wilson, boasts a career that began more than a decade ago. Carl Cox named him as one of his ‘Producers of 2006’ in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll and Judge Jules featured him as his ‘Top Tip for 2008’. Since this, Ali has DJ'ed alongside heavyweights like Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Sander van Doorn, Judge Jules and Marco V. He has played some of the largest events across the globe such as the Sunrise Festival, Trance Energy and Judgement Sundays. One of his staple hits is "Pandora" and now Ali Wilson joins forces with Vicky Devine for this new slammer "Devil's Wine".

    "Devil's Wine" is one of those ground breaking hit singles that brings out the most climactic elements and ingredients of house, trance and tech trance together in just one hot package. May all DJs invite their audience to have a sip of the "Devil's Wine" while they keep the floor full 'till the break of dawn with this killer.

    Dimitri Kechagias review: Black Hole recordings continues it open minded policy with tracks from wide spectrum of EDM without specialising on a certain genre or style. The brand new comes from the magical hands of Ali Wilson who combines his forces with Vicky Devine for an awesome club slammer that is ready made for big rooms and summer festivals crowds. If you hear the track carefully you can feel which elements are Ali Wilson's signature sound and which ones comes from Vicky's Devine side. Its definitely a tough cut with dirty sleazy bassline and tech trance drum beats but with the characteristic tribal percussion that Ali applies in his compositions so effectively. The first breakdown reveals a dark melody that is not the one that will make you smile. Rather is a moody melodic theme that works really well  to add certain atmosphere to the track.The next section if full on bouncy beats with the rather distorted bassline and some melodic layers too. The second breakdown brings to the surface that dark melodic theme that becomes the lead theme that will drive the track forward to its big anthemic and very epic climax. Rough beats, dirty basslines and slamming melodic theme ensures that the crowd will go ballistic and will enjoy the taste of this rather unusual Wine. Summer Anthem Alert. Love IT!

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